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My top 10 books of 2020

For the 4th year in a row, here's my top 10 books I've read in 2020. You can check out my 2019 list here.

I think everyone can agree that we need a little more positivity in 2020. After I took the science of well being course, I went on a positive psychology binge and found this book to be the most useful. Special thanks to my wife, this book was actually given to her as part of her new job's welcome package.

The founder of Clickfunnels shares his frameworks on how to establish yourself as an expert. As a Hong Kong guy who's written a book on coaching basketball for US coaches, this is fascinating.

I'm a sucker for motivation. If you're in need of some motivation against a big challenge, read this to get inspired.

In this book, the author shares how alot of people feel like they need to keep building features for their product but adding new features don't bring in more customers.

I'm working with an executive coach this year and this book is written by Matt Mochary, a coach for many CEO's in Silicon Valley. Lots of practical nuggets of wisdom.

The OG of motivation. Tony Robbin's teacher. Read it if you need some motivation.

Hiring is hard and also super critical. This book lays out a really good framework on how to do hiring properly.

Lots of books have been written about starting a startup and scaling a startup but what about the messy middle? This is a really authentic sharing of how the author built Behance. I'm sure alot of you have used behance before.

I love Disney. I have an annual pass. Really fascinating history of how Walt Disney built his empire.

I finally learned my lesson this year and realised the importance of culture. A good primer on what great culture looks like and how to build it.