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My top 10 books of 2019

My annual top 10 books list. In no particular order.

Great book on building product. Insider stories on how the first iphone was built. Key lesson: keep iterating on product demos. Build a prototype first.

A really simple framework for doing user research. I've been doing it wrong all along, this is how you should do it.

I love Disney and this is a fascinating read. Interesting to see how Disney used M&A as a strategy to grow into the empire it is today with Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel under it's belt.

I bought the book because I follow the author on Youtube. Scott Galloway is savage. He doesn't hold back and offers a fascinating viewpoint on these giant tech companies. It inspired me to care more about my privacy.

No joke, this book changed my sales game for 2019. Follow up, follow through and follow back. How many times do most people follow up? Following up was the KEY skill I gained in 2019.

Recommended to me by Ray of 9Gag. Super short read by the famous Jim Collins. If you liked Good to Great, you'll like this too.

Been into the whole F.I.R.E. movement thing lately.

Cantonese version of the F.I.R.E. movement.

Executive coaching seems like a big trend. Learning how it works and if I need one.

This book explains why people who have a successful business may not be cash rich. Being profitable is in vogue this year.