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Deconstructing One Punch Man

As a mobile app developer, I enjoy playing with new apps and games every week. In particular, I like to look at how people monetize and how to bring people back into the app.

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1. Anchor price

They have a beginner's welcome pack. This is great because it gives an anchoring price for everything else. What is even more impressive is the little video button on the bottom right. You can preview this character before you buy and it's proven to increase conversion. However, I think they can do even better by having a time limit on this offer. Adding a sense of urgency, say 72 hours running time clock will increase conversion even more because FOMO.

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2. Reward for social login

I love how every "chore" in the game gets rewarded. First of all, I can play without creating an account. This is KEY for conversion. Alot of users like myself will delete the app if the game forces me to create an account first.

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Later, when I do decide to create an account I am incentivised by in game rewards. I also like how you even get rewards for reading system messages/updae

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3. Live Operations

Limited time offers that constantly change. I see some cosmetic changes to tie in with chinese new year but I hope to see more Chinese New Year specific events and items. Something like a dragon related character or One Punch Man in chinese clothing.

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4. Social proof

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I love this little touch where it displays the achievements of other players in real time. It's alot of work but it's proven to incentivise users to pay seeing social proof. The little scroll bar at the top displays who purchased something and what level they just reached.

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5. Daily checkins


Very common daily checkin bonus. Common because it is so effectively in helping users build a habit of opening the app daily.


Overall the core game loop is very generic but One Punch man is such a strong IP. With so many characters to unlock, the game is quite fun for a One Punch man fan like myself. I give it a 8/10.

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